ProImmune Webcast T cell proliferation assays

Characterize adaptive immunogenicity with our suite of ultra-sensitive CFSE flow cytometry based T cell assays

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Thursday, 20 June 2024

First session at 9AM Eastern Time (UTC-4)

Second session at 12PM Eastern Time (UTC-4)

ProImmune boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in conducting ultra-sensitive CFSE T cell proliferation assays.

Our repertoire includes the routinely applied ProMap® T cell proliferation assays , engineered to exquisitely discern peptide epitopes that elicit helper T cell proliferation. Furthermore, the sophisticated ProScern® DC-T cell proliferation assay is tailored to enable meticulous comparisons of whole protein to identify immunogenicity risks. Complementing these techniques is the Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) assay a cornerstone in assessing immune modulation.

With ProImmune’s precision and rigor, alongside industry-leading customer service, unraveling the intricacies of immune responses becomes an exacting scientific endeavor yielding invaluable insights.

Andrew Isidoridy, PhD

Join our Immunology Sales Specialist, Dr. Andrew Isidoridy in this webcast as he will describe T cell assays applications in the field of basic biological research, biotherapeutic development such as Cell and Gene Therapies, Vaccines, Antibodies, TCR-T and Complex Peptide Drugs, or even consumer products such as Food Proteins, Enzymes and Cosmetics.

Through this webinar you will gain knowledge of these T cell assays that can be deployed to characterize adaptive immunogenicity.

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