Recruitment Process

individual Candidates: Your Application

Please send us your CV (Resumé) and detailed cover letter, preferably by email or mail. To make your application stand out please consider the following:

  • Make sure that your CV is complete, without time gaps, and is easy to read
  • Ensure that your contact details are up to date, including address, contact telephone number and email
  • Your CV detailing any work experience and education should usually fit on two pages unless you have a list of publications, which may make it longer
  • Include grades achieved for degrees or at school where applicable
  • Your cover letter, which should usually fit on one page, should explain why your skills and experience are relevant to our business and why you want to work at ProImmune

Once we receive your application we will review it internally and if deemed relevant we will contact you to set up an interview either by telephone or at our offices.

Please note that we will not consider applications that are not accompanied by a separate detailed cover letter that sets out at least (i) why you believe you are qualified for this role, (ii) why you want to work for ProImmune in particular, and (iii) confirmation that you are willing to relocate to the Oxford area if you do not already reside here.


Recruitment Agencies

ProImmune has a list of pre-approved recruitment agencies and, unless agreed in writing in advance, applicants for current opportunities will only be considered from either such pre-approved recruitment agencies, or from candidates directly.

In the event we are approached by an organization that is not a pre-approved recruitment agency (and in any event in the absence of a formal written agreement), we will not be held liable for any charges, payment or other obligations where such organization proceeds to act on our behalf to commence the recruitment process to recruit candidates for our advertized vacancies, without our prior written consent.

Furthermore (and for the avoidance of doubt) ProImmune will not tolerate any unauthorized use of material on this (or any) part of the ProImmune website and the contents of the Copyright Notice within our terms and conditions of use should be noted in this regard.

Interview Process

We usually have two rounds of interviews. Where possible, each interview will be conducted by two ProImmune staff who will engage you in a detailed discussion about your application, including your knowledge, skills, motivation, objectives for the future, and why you want to work for us. In some cases we may conduct a first round interview by telephone or call you to qualify your application further before setting up an interview.

We also ask candidates to fill in a separate application form. Usually we do this after the first round of interviews in order to limit this process to relevant candidates. The reason for completing the application form in addition to the CV and letter you have sent us is to ensure information about applicants is recorded in a uniform way.

Depending on the job  you are applying for you may also have to complete a range of relevant assessment tests, which could include one or more of the following: a brief oral presentation; a brief basic numeracy test; how to use standard office software efficiently, such as spreadsheets; a test in effective written communication; and for lab based jobs, practical tests that explore basic lab skills, such as sterile technique.

The second interview will usually involve two ProImmune staff who you have not met before. They may repeat some of the questions that you were asked previously and they will also explore new questions with you. In each interview you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the job and about our company. Some questions may come up during our discussions, but you may also want to think ahead about the questions that matter most to you.