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Our customers choose to work with ProImmune to solve a wide variety of immunological challenges across many fields of study. Many of them are happy to share their successes and discuss their use of our products and services as part of their immunology research, vaccine and biotherapeutic development programs.

Read our client testimonials to see why over 1000 organizations trust us to help with their research through our flow cytometry reagents, custom peptides and cellular assay services.

ProScern DC-T Cell Assays

Dr. Caroline Barelle (University of Aberdeen, Scotland):  

“We are developing shark single domain therapeutics so identifying and addressing any immunogenicity issues is a critical part of our pre-clinical candidate selection process. Our initial discussions with ProImmune were incredibly informative and helped us define the experimental approach we should adopt. They provided support and information throughout to keep us updated and also succeeded in delivering the data package within our desired and indeed aggressive time frame. In addition, they provided follow up support to take us through the final report to ensure we had a clear understanding of the results obtained. Overall we are very happy with the service and would work with ProImmune again.”

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Pro5® MHC Pentamers

Dr. John Webb (British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada)  

“Over the past six years I have been using ProImmune’s Pro5® Pentamers for the identification and characterization of tumour epitope-specific T cells. Pentamers play an important role in my work to develop new vaccine strategies to induce T cell-mediated immune responses directed against human malignancies. I am always impressed by the knowledge and friendliness of the customer service team, and find the website very user-friendly and well-organized.”

Prof. Dirk Schlueter (Otto-von-Guericke Universitaet, Magdeburg, Germany)  

“I have used ProImmune’s Pro5® MHC Pentamers in my immunology research into infectious diseases in murine models. Using the Pentamers in flow cytometry, I have found them to be of good quality and easy to use. Over the past 3 years I have had a positive experience with the company and have found them to be competitively priced and swift to manufacture and deliver their products”.

Dr. Georg Lauer (Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, USA)  

“The use of peptide-coupled MHC multimers allows us to identify very rare specific cell populations with high sensitivity and specificity by flow cytometry. This was only possible for several advantages of the ProImmune Pro5® MHC Pentamer technology. Because the HCV T cell response repertoire is highly diverse, we need to have more than 20 different HCV multimers in stock in order to study a majority of our subjects. The wide range of HLA class I alleles on offer but also the opportunity to freeze the unlabelled pentamers has greatly facilitated this work. We also use many novel antibodies that are only available in a limited range of fluorochromes and here the unlabeled pentamers with the option of using different fluorotags has allowed us much more flexibility in designing our 10 color flow panels.Overall class I peptide multimers have greatly enhanced our ability to analyze human CD8 T cell responses directly ex-vivo with unprecedented specificity and sensitivity, allowing us for the first time to perform human studies that are a serious complement to studies of viral immunity in murine models.”

Dr. Daniel Volker (Institute of Immunology, Heidelberg University, Germany)  

“We use ProImmune Pentamers specific for HIV epitopes to enable us to monitor the specificity and number of CD8+T cells in our cohort of patients over time.  The range of epitope specificities and the high quality of reagents we obtain from ProImmune are key to the success of our work.  At the moment we are really excited, as we are on the verge of publishing our findings regarding CD8+ T cell numbers in HIV+ individuals, and how these correlate with a prognosis for AIDS development.  This work has been made possible by ProImmune.”

Dr.Cath Bollard (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX, USA)  

“Pro5® MHC Pentamers have played an important part in our study on adoptive immunotherapy for cancer and viral infections, post-transplant. We use Pentamers to detect and quantify the populations of antigen-specific T cells in CTL lines made for clinical use. We also use them to detect antigen-specific CTL in the peripheral blood of transplant patients, pre and post-CTL-infusion. The Pentamers were chosen for their stability and for the increased intensity and specificity of the positive population compared to MHC tetramers. We have found Pentamers to be consistent and reliable, and ProImmune’s customer service is excellent”.

Prof. Thomas Brocker (Institute for Immunology, University of Munich, Germany)  

“ProImmune Pro5® MHC Pentamers have been influential in our research to analyze CD8 T cell responses in vivo. Colleagues in the lab recommended the Pentamers to us. For the past two years we have used them for flow cytometry applications to achieve reliable staining across different batches of the same product. I can also recommend ProImmune for their easy ordering process and excellent customer service.”

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ProImmune REVEAL®

  Dr. Michael Mathis (Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, USA)  

“My work focuses on the development of adenovirus-based vectors for immunotherapy of breast cancer, using mouse models of the disease. ProImmune’s REVEAL® Rapid Epitope Discovery System has provided a cost-effective method for me to screen my proteins of interest for potentially immunogenic epitopes. I have been particularly impressed with the service that ProImmune offers, so much so that I’ve been telling my colleagues that they too should outsource more of their routine experiments to experts in order to free up their time. It really saves time and money when one take into account the effort needed to set up these assays in house and then wait for results. I will definitely be using the system again to obtain further data on the hits from the first round of screening.”

Dr. James Wells (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, USA)  

“I have dealt with ProImmune in the past and they have consistently proven to provide a high level of service.  ProImmune’s REVEAL® service provided me with the option to test the in vitro binding properties of a selection of my most promising peptides quickly and efficiently, resulting in data I know I can trust.I have always found ProImmune to be very approachable and reliable, and their willingness to make contact with me directly over the telephone (following my initial e-mail request for further information) to discuss my requirements greatly helped me to fully understand the services offered and reassured me that my analysis would be conducted in a professional manner. The quotation process was simple, and my results were presented in several different formats to allow me to easily determine which peptides stood out for further investigation. Based on my results I have since gone on to order my custom peptide synthesis through ThinkPeptides, a branch of ProImmune.”

  Dr. Ruben Varela-Calvino (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)  

Dr. Varela-Calvino has been researching a protein which acts as a target in autoimmune diabetes, and recently benefited from the ProImmune REVEAL® HLA-peptide binding assays. He and his team wanted to analyze the binding of some candidate peptides from his protein to HLA-DRB1*04:01, one of the major HLA types associated with autoimmune conditions. Dr Varela-Calvino has extensive experience performing HLA-peptide binding assays, and, recalling the length of the process, it wasn’t an experience he was keen to repeat: “Instead, I performed an internet search, and found ProImmune. I didn’t want to ask members of my lab to spend years optimizing an assay which ProImmune runs routinely – time in the lab is precious, particularly for Ph.D students”.ProImmune provided HLA-peptide binding assay results in a matter of weeks. His team were quickly able to move on to validating the binding assay data from ProImmune, and were delighted to find that the data they obtained from ELISpot experiments on patient samples correlated almost exactly with their results. As he moves towards collating his data for publication, Dr Varela-Calvino has nothing but praise for ProImmune. He told us “I’ve found the service from your team highly professional, the turnaround time for assays very impressive, and I would certainly work with ProImmune again in future”.

Dr. Birgit Schultes (Unither Pharmaceuticals, Massachusetts, USA)  

“The report provided with the service and reagents was well organized and easy to understand. We are very happy with the data, the technical support and the on-time delivery of this technology. Several peptides and Pentamers were identified that will be useful for immune monitoring. Those Pentamers are currently confirmed with patient samples, pre- and post OvaRex® treatment”

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Annelie Hellvard (The Gade Institute, University of Bergen, Norway)  

“We have had nothing but good experiences using peptides synthesized by ProImmune/thinkpeptides. Since we started working with them in 2009 there have been no issues whatsoever, and the peptides were a big part of a recent publication in the Journal of Immunology [PubMedID:20488785].  I am always surprised by how fast quotes are delivered and questions are answered – the customer service is excellent. We feel like they have a very good product for decent price.”

Cecilia Rietz, Ph.D. (Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, New Mexico, USA)  

“We are using peptide pools to develop flow cytometric methods to assess T cell response in the quest for correlate/s of protection in animal models for development of vaccines against filovirus. The interaction with ProImmune has been integral to the good results we have had in the assay development thus far. From the design of the peptide pools, through the quote- and purchasing process and finally the reconstitution and use of the peptides in the assay, ProImmune is always there to answer questions with prompt replies, honesty and knowledge. In case of any unexpected events during the manufacturing process, we were always promptly notified and given options for how to proceed. ProImmune also showed a lot of flexibility during the design- and quote stages which we especially appreciate as a contract research organization. As for the quality and consistency of the peptide pools in the assay, we are completely satisfied. I would highly recommend working with ProImmune to my colleagues and I would definitely work with them again on similar assay development projects.”

Dr. Vesna Blazevic (Vaccine Research Centre, University of Tampere, Finland)  

“ProImmune’s PEPscreen® library has played a central role in my research into DNA based and HIV vaccines in both IFN gamma and IL-2 ELISpot assays. Working in preclinical and clinical settings, I have found the library to be an easy and reliable way of screening for T cell epitopes. The peptides were easy to dissolve, of a very good quality and showed no non-specific background in the ELISpot assay. My decision to purchase products from ProImmune was based on the fact that they are a good price, of a superior quality and have fast delivery. I look forward to using ProImmune’s products in my future research”.

Dr. Yared Haliemichael (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA)  

“I use the B16 melanoma/pmel-1 T cell model to study the requirements for successful vaccination using peptide immunogens. The induction of strong CD8 T cell response requires a sustained presentation of antigen in a stimulatory context to develop into effector cells that can kill tumors through the recognition of tumor antigens bound to MHC Class I molecules. It is important to have a high standard of reagents for my mouse vaccination protocols, and I am very satisfied with the quality of peptides and the responsive customer service that thinkpeptides provides.” (thinkpeptides is ProImmune’s brand for custom peptide synthesis services)

Dr. Karen Fitzmaurice (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, UK)  

“Our study aimed to characterize the CD8+ T cell responses associated with certain class I alleles linked to favourable outcomes in HCV infection. We chose a PEPscreen®: Custom Peptide Library of overlapping peptides spanning the HCV genome to use in ELISPOT assays. As well as the fact that the peptide library was of good quality and easy to reconstitute for use in the assays, I also found the price to be competitive and the service I received was excellent.”

Dr. Arun Rishi (John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Detroit, USA)  

“I have been consistently impressed by the customer service I received from thinkpeptides, as well as the quality of their products. They pay great attention to detail regarding my shipping requirements, are very easy to talk to, and are always very professional. I will certainly continue to order my peptides from thinkpeptides.”

Dr. Johannes Wiegand (University of Leipzig, Germany)  

“My research is investigating the T cell immunology of viral hepatitis. Using PEPscreen® overlapping peptides from ProImmune in IFN gamma ELISpot and 3H-proliferation assays, enabled us to map the entire Hepatitis B surface antigen and HBV-core antigen region for T cell analysis. ProImmune was personally recommended to me by Dr. Heiner Wedemeyer and true to his recommendation, I found their peptides to be of a very good quality and easy to use. The administrative team were very helpful with the process of billing and shipping and I had good communication with my account manager who made useful comments and was highly motivated to solve any issues.”

Dr. Norman Woller (Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany)  

“Our laboratory has used ProImmune peptides (thinkpeptides) for years in studying viruses and tumour-specific immune responses. Furthermore, we are using custom synthesised Pro5® Pentamers for detection of tumour-specific CD8 T cells and are highly satisfied with the results. We appreciate the high quality of each individual batch and we consider ProImmune as the provider of choice for tools to reliably investigate cellular immunity.”Read his full testimonial, including information about his career and publications here.

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Type HLA Tissue Typing

  Dr. Navapon Techakriengkrai (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)  

“I outsourced my tissue typing to ProImmune because they provide me with the fastest service at the best price. Since the main theme of my research is on T cell immunology, HLA-type is inevitably needed. The customer service from ProImmune is of the best quality. Their typing service allowed me to unambiguously resolve the HLA type of many of my samples.”

  Dr. Wivine Burny (GSK Bio, Rixensart, Belgium)  

“After being in contact with the friendly sales team at ProImmune, I decided to outsource my tissue typing and take advantage of their type HLA service. For us, a major advantage of the service was the competitive pricing, and we could ask for a small number of samples to be typed at once. The typing was performed rapidly and results were delivered as promised: punctually and in a clear report. The team at ProImmune were prompt in responding to the additional questions I had about my report.”

Dr. Jennifer Kirchherr (Duke Human Vaccine Institute, North Carolina, USA)  

“We have a programme of clinical studies and it is important for our researchers to be able to correlate the immune responses they observe with HLA type. We looked at a range of companies offering tissue typing, and also at using an on-campus typing facility, and we found that ProImmune were able to offer us the best pricing and turnaround time. We now send them regular batches of samples to type. They have been wonderfully easy to work with, if we ask anything they get right back to us and overall it has been a really good experience.”

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ProArray Ultra®

Prof. Raymond Dattwyler (New York Medical College, New York, USA)  

Prof. Dattwyler used ProImmune’s B cell Linear Epitope Mapping Service to discover the linear epitopes present in two different proteins. “I was really happy with the way that these guys took the trouble to adjust my quote so that I had the best assay design for the lowest price. They were really easy to work with, always replied to my questions, and delivered the report on my project on schedule as promised. It’s great that I’ve been able to go back to them and order my new epitopes as custom peptides for follow on work, and I’m going to revisit my validated epitopes with ProImmune’s help and get some really fine mapping of antibody binding to these sequences.”

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