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Our rapidly expanding catalog below covers all standard research areas, such as Immunology, Oncology, Cell Signalling, Neurology, Diabetes, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Crispr-CAS and many more, simply search for your specificity of interest below.

Ankyron Price List

We will supply you with up to 6 x available different clones against each target (provided in 100µg aliquots which is equivalent to 500µg of antibody) and available in the following formats. *Orders for non-qualified Ankyrons must include all available listed clones priced at £45/€50/$50 each, subject to availability.

FormatGBP (£)USD ($)EUR (€)
6His and V5 tag (1-6 clones)45-270*50-300*50-300*
6His and V5 tag (Qualified clones)235295280
V5 tag replaced by any of Flag tag or Biotin tag or:
direct Alphalux™ label 405, 488, 532, 555, 647, 680 (price per clone)
Streptavidin (SA) label: SA-PE, SA-APC, SA-PE-Cy5, SA-PE-Cy7, SA-APC-Cy7, SA-HRP (price per clone)345395395

Select “Add to Quote” for a target specific or individual clones to add them to a quote request. Then click “Request Quote” to send a request for the selected clones.

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