Custom Pro5® MHC Class I Pentamers

ProImmune has over 18 years’ experience making custom MHC multimers specific to customers’ requirements. Our technical expertise and experience in making thousands of MHC-peptide complexes means that we are able to provide custom reagents efficiently and with a high rate of success.

Our customers can expect the same consistency and reliability from our custom reagents as our regularly ordered catalog Pentamers. In addition, all labeled custom Pro5® Pentamers come with a six month performance guarantee, and unlabeled custom Pentamers have a twelve month guarantee.

ProImmune will only proceed with the synthesis of a custom Pentamer if we are confident that the peptide will bind sufficiently to the relevant MHC allele. Usually synthesis will proceed if the affinity score is 21 or higher using the SYFPEITHI prediction algorithm, Lower scoring peptides will be considered if sufficient supporting evidence is available for binding.

Standard delivery custom Pentamers are dispatched approximately 6 weeks from receipt of order.


MHC Alleles Available for Custom Synthesis

Human HLA Mouse H-2 Simian
A*01:01 B*07:02 C*06:02 Db Mamu-A*01
A*02:01 B*08:01 C*07:02 Dd Mamu-A*02
A*03:01 B*14:02 Kb
A*11:01 B*15:01 E*01:01 Kd
A*11:03 B*27:05 Ld
A*24:02 B*35:01
A*29:02 B*35:08
A*68:01 B*40:01
Other: Chimeric A*02:01/Kb


Ordering Custom Pro5® Pentamers and related products

Quantity & Label

Additional products

Custom synthesis set-up charge

50, 150, 500 tests* Pro5® Fluorotag: R-PE or APC label
Pro5® Biotag: biotin label
Custom Pentamers are subject to a non-refundable set-up charge, which will be applied once for each item. The set-up charge will not be applied to repeat orders of the same Pentamer. The price for a custom Pentamer includes synthesis of the specific custom peptide.
Labeled with R-PE, APC or Biotin,
or unlabeled
Matched peptide of the same specificity 1 or 2mg, >70% purity; must be ordered with the custom Pentamer