Graduate and Post-Graduate Recruitment

Choosing your first job out of university may be one of the most important decisions you will ever take. Sure, you’re just at the beginning of your work life and there will be several junctures ahead for making decisions, but finding the right starting point can make a big difference to how your career will develop.

ProImmune may be the right place to start your career if you are looking for several of the following:

  • A challenge that draws on your skills, knowledge, and ideas
  • The opportunity for developing your skills broadly and learning from your peers, who are recognized for being very good at what they do
  • A company with well run business processes and a proven track record that supports you in achieving your  potential
  • A close up insight into how a successful company works, taking new products and services from an idea to commercial success and satisfied customers
  • Experiencing how your work directly contributes to the success of our business
  • Seeing first hand how our work helps our customers to deliver hope and better care to patients with major unmet medical needs

For those with a degree in a biological science, and especially in biochemistry or immunology, ProImmune is an excellent way to use the background of your degree and make it count by helping our customers to be more successful in their work. Because ProImmune is a focused, entrepreneurial company that is funded by the success of its own products and services, you get direct exposure to what it’s like working in a business.

When you start with us you will immediately work on real projects that are aimed at delivering products and services to our customers.  Most of your training will be ‘on the job’ and training for key tasks and skills will be provided by your manager and peers. Where relevant we will also encourage you to attend training courses.

Setting up ProImmune was the first job for Linda Tan, our co-founder, after finishing her Ph.D. in immunology at Oxford University.  For over twenty years in business since then, ProImmune has always believed in building a unique company culture by hiring a significant proportion of staff who are newly qualified graduates or who have just completed a post-graduate degree.

As a growing company we regularly have openings in our sales, customer service, production, assay services, quality assurance and R&D departments so there is a range of careers to chose from and many of our staff have crossed from one department to another.