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understand the mechanisms that can lead to immunogenicity risk
through focussed experimental investigation

Unwanted immunogenicity to biotherapeutics is a complex and multifactorial challenge. When developing any protein product, it is a potential problem that must be addressed. Unwanted immune responses that target your drug can lead to neutralization and subsequent therapy failure, or worse-still are cross-reactive to essential endogenous proteins, leading to fatal consequences.

Detailed characterization of your product and understanding the level of risk of immunogenicity is not a simple process. You need to deploy the best science, the most rigorous assays and the broadest experience to make the right choices.

We work with clients who are at a range of developmental stages. Our tools are deployed by some as part of their Lead Selection strategy, whereas others may have a final product and want to compare it to a competitor product against the same target or biosimilar. Some clients perform these assays as a routine element of their bioanalysis repertoire during product development; others may need answers to address specific questions that regulatory authorities have posed. ProImmune provides a suite of services for understanding immune responses that can be used together as part of your immunogenicity risk management programme, or as stand-alone assays.

Watch independent experts share their experience of working with ProImmune and the importance of characterizing the importance of understanding unwanted immunogenicity

We are the world’s leading independent immunogenicity services provider

Over the past two decades ProImmune has established a proven track record in working with every type of client organization, across all major disease areas and with all significant classes of test entity.

Watch this informative summary describing the variety of different assays that ProImmune deploys to address questions of adaptive and innate immunogenicity risk:

Summary of Actual Experience at ProImmune

Customer Type
Disease Area
Test Article
Program Stage

Large pharma

Virtual, small, medium and large biotech


Government institutes


National health institutes


Consumer products

Crop science








Infectious diseases


Rare diseases

Eye disease


Antibody therapeutics

Bi-/multi-specific antibodies

Antibody-drug conjugates


Novel protein scaffolds

RNA and DNA therapies


Food and crop proteins

Enzyme replacement therapies

Blood factor proteins

Peptide therapeutics

Viral gene therapies

Oncolytic viruses

Viral vector vaccines


Assessment of novel delivery systems:




Small molecules


Reverse immunology

Antigenicity profiling


Validation of rational design

Lead selection


Clinical trial evaluation through phase III

Manufacturing / CMC


Many of our customer’s studies have been published or presented at conferences including our own Mastering Immunity Conference Series.

Our assay suite covers all main elements of adaptive and innate immune responses, with specialist assays available to deconvolute the involvement of T cells, B cells and antigen presenting cells. Depending on the project requirement our assay services can be deployed alone or in combination depending on the specific project needs.

What it’s like to work with ProImmune

  • Discuss your project requirements with our highly trained Immunology Sales Specialists
  • We ensure that the project scope is fully defined at the outset which is reflected in our quotation
  • Wherever possible we always quote on a fixed fee basis for our work so the client knows from the outset what the project cost will be
  • Sample reports are available for all standard assay service types so you know exactly how we will report data to you

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