Mastering Immunity

ProImmune’s mission is to be your partner of choice for understanding and managing adaptive immune responses. We offer unique solutions for preclinical and clinical immunology research, including a comprehensive and integrated antigen characterization platform, and products and services for tracking antigen-specific immune responses with state-of-the-art ELISpot and flow cytometry techniques. We are committed to helping you take your studies to success through product innovation, responsive service and focused application support, saving you time and money and reducing risk.


The Story of ProImmune…

The study of immunology isn’t only relevant to illness. Every foreign agent that enters the body has the potential to provoke a response from the immune system. Usually, this keeps us disease-free, as ‘self’ is tolerated and ‘non-self’ attacked and eliminated. When ‘self’ is mistakenly attacked, we see the development of autoimmune disease, and when ‘non-self’ gets the upper hand we fall prey to acute or chronic infections.

Everyone from medical researchers to household brands needs to know exactly which substances can stimulate the immune system, and which substances can sneak under the radar. Portions of substances that the immune system can recognise are called epitopes, and identifying potential epitopes and monitoring the immune response to them is where ProImmune has become a world leader.

Dr. Linda Tan & Dr. Nikolai Schwabe

Dr. Linda Tan & Dr. Nikolai Schwabe

Dr Linda Tan and Dr Nikolai Schwabe founded ProImmune in 2000. The business has never relied on outside investment, and this independence from external investors continues to allow ProImmune to pursue its own business direction. The company developed building on Linda’s PhD work at Oxford’s Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Among ProImmune’s early products were Pro5® MHC Pentamers, which are used to detect epitope-specific immune cells so that they can be analyzed in human blood samples.  Pentamers, as well as ProT2® MHC Class II Tetramers introduced in 2016, continue to be part of ProImmune’s core business and have gone from strength to strength with more than 1800 peer reviewed publications citing the use of these products.

ProImmune has pro-actively maintained links with its academic roots and contributed to diverse collaborative projects over the years. The company’s motto ‘Mastering Immunity’ reflects the importance to medical science of understanding how the immune system functions.



Company Directors


Dr Nikolai Schwabe, CEO

Prior to co-founding ProImmune with Linda Tan, Nik worked in the fiber optics industry at Bookham Technology and in investment banking at Salomon Brothers, now part of Citigroup. Nik holds a D.Phil. in Theoretical Physics from Oxford University.


Dr Linda Tan, CSO

Before co-founding ProImmune with Nik Schwabe, Linda completed her D.Phil. at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford in the laboratory of Prof. Andrew McMichael where her work focused on T cell immunology and the MHC pathway. Linda holds a D.Phil. in Molecular Immunology and a B.A. in Biochemistry, both from Oxford University.