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ProPresent® MAPPS Antigen Presentation Assay

Discover more with the world’s leading MHC-associated peptide proteomics (MAPPS) assay

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Thursday, 4 April 2024

11:00am BST (UTC+1) / 6:00pm CST (UTC+8)

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ProPresent® is ProImmune’s MHC-associated peptide proteomics (MAPPS) assay tells you exactly which epitopes from your biotherapeutic drug or other protein of interest are presented by HLA molecules to T cells. Peptides are identified by the classical method of HLA-peptide complex isolation, peptide elution and subsequent peptide epitope identification by sequencing mass spectrometry. ProPresent® can be used to identify the peptides associated with HLA-DR, DP or DQ, and with HLA Class I. Combined with ProImmune’s REVEAL® HLA-peptide binding assays and functional T cell assays, ProPresent® completes the picture in understanding the potential immunogenicity of your compounds.

Emilee Knowlton, PhD

Join our Senior Immunology Sales Specialist, Dr. Emilee Knowlton in this webcast as she describes the ProPresent® applications in the field of basic biological research, biotherapeutic development such as Cell and Gene Therapies, Vaccines, Antibodies, TCR-T and Complex Peptide Drugs, or even consumer products such as Food Proteins, Enzymes and Cosmetics.

Through this webinar you will gain knowledge of how this assay can be deployed to identify and fully characterize antigen presentation through the context of MHC.

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