ProImmune Mastering Immunity 2022

Understand and Manage Immunogenicity Risk for Biotherapeutic Programs

Free Zoom On-Line Event, Thursday, 3 November 2022

12:50pm (GMT) / 8:50am (ET) / 8:50pm (GMT+8)

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As world events continue to drive innovation in the biotherapeutics sector, the need to understand and characterise immune responses to new products has never been clearer. Join us at Mastering Immunity 2022 to learn about the latest developments in immunogenicity, sharing your knowledge with leading experts in the field.

Learn from like-minded scientists about the latest discoveries in the management of immunogenicity, while expanding your network and exploring new opportunities for collaboration. Join the conversation, and hear about the fresh perspectives and novel ideas that are paving the way for safer and more effective therapies.

To get a flavour of what Mastering Immunity has to offer, click here to browse our selection of over 100 recorded presentations, provided free of charge.

Final Program

GMTETGMT+8SpeakersTalk Title
1:05pm9:05am9:05pmDr. Kuan Rong Chan
Principal Research Scientist,
Characterisation of host immune variations that influence live-attenuated Yellow Fever vaccine adaptive immune responses
1:30pm9:30am9:30pmDr. Andrew Isidoridy
Immunology Sales Specialist,
Evaluating immunogenicity risk of complex peptide products
1:55pm9:55am9:55pmDr. Steven Nadler
Senior Vice-President,
Aro Biotherapeutics,
Centyrin: siRNA conjugates – a novel modality for the treatment of human disease
2:20pm10:20am10:20pmDr. Mike Zimmer
Principal Scientist,
Engineering a less immunogenic bacterial protease for treatment of IgA Nephropathy
2:45pm10:45am10:45pmDr. Kei Kishimoto
Selecta Biosciences,
Amplifying the effect of antigen-specific tolerogenic ImmTOR nanoparticle with engineered Treg selective IL-2

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