Mastering Immunity 2020 Virtual

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

7:30am EDT / 1:30pm CET/ 8:30pm KST

As targeted immune therapies grow in complexity, understanding and characterizing immune responses has never been more important. Join us at Mastering Immunity 2020 Virtual to learn the latest developments in this evolving field. This meeting is a forum to share knowledge, perspectives and discuss solutions to the complex challenges of immunity following the delivery of biologics and other therapies.

Learn from academic and commercial experts as they highlight their discoveries in the context of both desired (in immuno-oncology and vaccines) and unwanted immune responses (i.e. immunogenicity to biotherapeutics or viral vectors). Share information with like-minded scientists from other organizations and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Discover fresh perspectives and novel ideas to combat the challenges in the rapidly changing field of immunology.

Conference Schedule

Time EDTTime CETTime KSTSpeakerTitle
7:30 AM1:30 PM8:30 PMWELCOME
7:40 AM1:40 PM8:40 PMDr. Yeojun Yun, SyntekabioNEOscan™: combining the knowledge of cancer genome analysis and AI structure modeling for neoantigen prediction
8:05 AM2:05 PM9:05 PMProf. David Withers, University of BirminghamTracking dynamic changes in tumour infiltrating lymphocytes in vivo
8:30 AM2:30 PM9:30 PMDr. Nina Le Bert, Duke-NUS Medical SchoolSARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls
8:55 AM2:55 PM9:55 PMBREAKOUT
9:20 AM3:20 PM10:20 PMProf. Tao Dong, University of OxfordMemory T cell primed by SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in UK COVID patients
9:45 AM3:45 PM10:45 PMDr. Hanneke Schuitemaker, Janssen
Janssen's efforts in the development of an Ad26 based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
10:10 AM4:10 PM11:10 PMDr. Amy Rosenberg, FDA-CBER
Immunogenicity in the time of COVID-19:Clinical Contexts for Reappraisal of Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Proteins
10:35 AM4:35 PM11:35 PMBREAKOUT
10:55 AM4:55 PM11:55 PMTomer Hertz, Ben Gurion UniversityHarnessing immunoinformatics and protein engineering for de-immunization of therapeutic proteins
11:20 AM5:20 PM12:20 AMDr. Tim Hickling, Pfizer, Inc.Application of immunogenicity prediction and mitigation for development of biotherapeutics
11:45 AM5:45 PM12:45 AMDr. Jeremy Fry, ProImmuneMastering Immunogenicity in Biologics Development
12:10 PM6:10 PM1:10 AMLUNCH
1:15 PM7:15 PM2:15 AMDr. Emilee Knowlton, ProImmuneEpitope Identification and Clinical Immune Monitoring
1:40 PM7:40 PM2:40 AMDr. Aaron Mansfield, Mayo ClinicNeoantigen potential of chromosomal rearrangements in mesothelioma
2:05 PM8:05 PM3:05 AM Dr. Kellie Smith, John's Hopkins University
Tumor-reactive T cell functional programming in human cancer
2:30 PM8:30 PM3:30 AMBREAKOUT
2:50 PM8:50 PM3:50 AMDr. Hilario Ramos, Molecular TemplatesHarnessing endogenous antiviral T cell responses for control of cancer
3:15 PM9:15 PM4:15 AMDr. Lea Bartsch, Massachusetts General Hospital
Identification and characterization of HBV-specific T cells

Mastering Immunity At a Glance

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Prof. Fiona Powrie,
Oxford University
Dr. Inderpal Singh
TEVA Pharmaceuticals
Prof. Farzin Farzeneh,
Kings College London
Dr. Laurent Malherbe, Eli LIlly
Prof. Arlene Sharpe,
Harvard University
Prof. Beatriz Carreno
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Marianne Stanford, Immunovaccine TechnologiesDr. Daron Forman, BMS
Prof. Ethan Shevach,
Dr. Zuben Sauna
Dr. David Wraith,
Dr. Priya Sriraman, Celgene
Prof. Herman Waldmann,
Oxford University
Dr. Rodd Polsky
Dr. Vibha Jawa,
Prof. Karen Anderson, Arizona State University

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