MHC-Peptide Specific Ankyrons™

a breakthrough for targeting MHC-peptide complexes


A clear solution to a long-standing problem

Detecting and targeting specific MHC-peptide complexes is of material interest for understanding many disease conditions better and for developing novel therapeutic interventions. It has been very challenging to develop antibodies that bind selectively to an MHC-peptide combination over a more general MHC allotype.

Ankyrons provide a clear and powerful solution to this problem. Selected directly in vitro from our Teralibrary we can already offer a growing range of more than 16 of the most popular MHC-peptide combinations in cancer and infectious diseases in the listing below. Using guided selection we are able to select sequence specific Ankyrons quickly. ProImmune is also the world leader by publications from a commercial source in MHC-peptide multimer technology. So building MHC-peptide antigens for new Ankron discovery is already our core business.

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Data for MHC-peptide specific Ankyron staining

Figure. Staining of cell line constitutively expressing an infectious disease-specific MHC-peptide complex combination with Ankyrons selected to specifically bind the same (MHC-peptide specificity and study background are still subject to publication). Unstained data show background fluorescence. The cell line was stained with MHC-peptide specific Ankyrons as well as Ankyrons specific to an irrelevant peptide in the context of the same MHC allele. Staining was carried out in each case with and without additional stimulation with IFNγ. Stimulation with IFNγ strongly upregulates MHC-peptide presentation. In stimulated cells the staining of the cell line with the specific Ankyron separates clearly from that of the non specific Ankyron staining. Data provided by Prof. Antonio Bertoletti’s group at Duke NUS, Singapore.

List of available MHC-peptide specific Ankyrons

Catalogue IDProduct nameEntry NameSpecies reactivityClones availableClone ID (SNR)
ANK3323Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_ELAGIGILTV antibody replacementA*02:01/ELAGIGILTV (MelanA/MART 26-35)Homo sapiens (Human)1ELA-B3-R3
ANK3324Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_GILGFVFTL antibody replacementA*02:01/GILGFVFTL (Influenza A MP 58-66)Homo sapiens (Human)1GILG-LE5
ANK3326Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_NLVPMVATV antibody replacementA*02:01/NLVPMVATV (HCMV pp65 495-504)Homo sapiens (Human)1NLV-RH2
ANK3327Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_SLLQHLIGL antibody replacementA*02:01/SLLQHLIGL (PRAME 425-433)Homo sapiens (Human)2SLL2 LA3SLL2 RA3
ANK3340Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_SLLMWITQC antibody replacementA*02:01/SLLMWITQC (NY-ESO-1 157-165 (9C))Homo sapiens (Human)2SLL-D5-R3SLL-H1-RP
ANK3341Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_FLLTRILTI antibody replacementA*02:01/FLLTRILTI (HBV envelope 183-191)Homo sapiens (Human)2AO40418AO40422
ANK3343Ankyron anti-H2Kb_KSPWFTTL antibody replacementH-2Kb/KSPWFTTL (MuLV env 622-629 (MC38))Mus musculus (Mouse)1Contact ProImmune
ANK3350Ankyron anti-HLA_DRB10401_PVSKMRMATPLLMQA antibody replacementDRB1*04:01/PVSKMRMATPLLMQA (Human CLIP 103-117)Homo sapiens (Human)1DR4PVD5
ANK3496Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_FLPSDFFPSV antibody replacementA*02:01/FLPSDFFPSV (HBV core antigen 18-27) Homo sapiens (Human)1APS40107
ANK3498Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_FLWGPRALV antibody replacementA*02:01/FLWGPRALV (MAGEA3 271-279) Homo sapiens (Human)3BC40585BC40586BC40587
ANK3502Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_ILAKFLHWL antibody replacementA*02:01/ILAKFLHWL (Telomerase 540-548)Homo sapiens (Human)5BC40487BC40488BC40489BC40490BC40491
ANK3503Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_KIFGSLAFL antibody replacementA*02:01/KIFGSLAFL (HER-2/neu 369-377) Homo sapiens (Human)1BC40454
ANK3504Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_KTWGQYWQV antibody replacementA*02:01/KTWGQYWQV (gp100 (pmel17) 154-162)Homo sapiens (Human)6+BC40538BC40539BC40540BC40541BC40542BC40543
ANK3505Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_LMLGEFLKL antibody replacementA*02:01/LMLGEFLKL (Survivin 96-104)Homo sapiens (Human)3BC40451BC40452BC40453
ANK3509Ankyron anti-HLA_A0201_YMDGTMSQV antibody replacementA*02:01/YMDGTMSQV (Tyrosinase 369-377 (371D))Homo sapiens (Human)1BC40342