Mastering Immunity 2023

understand immunology in a variety of applications presented by experts in their field from around the world

Online Half-day Symposium, Thursday, 14 September 2023

1:00pm (GMT+1) / 8:00am (ET) / 8:00pm (GMT+8)

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ProImmune’s Mastering Immunity series of symposia has attracted 1000’s of scientists from a diverse range of organizations around the world to solve practical challenges as well as share knowledge around measuring both wanted and unwanted immune responses.

We are now delighted to announce the next meeting in this exceptional series.

Immunology plays a critical role whether you are working in basic biological research, biotherapeutic development such as Cell and Gene Therapies, Vaccines, Antibodies, TCR-T and Complex Peptide Drugs, or even daily consumer products such as Food Proteins, Enzymes and Cosmetics.

It is imperative to be equipped with the correct tools and technologies to evaluate both desired and undesired immune responses depending on the research question to be addressed. In this symposium our expert speakers will present and discuss key new advancements in our understanding of the molecular and cellular immune response in a variety of research areas.

By participating in this half-day symposium, you will be inspired by renowned global experts presenting their respective expertise in their research field and discussing their latest insights and what they perceive to be the main challenges still to be overcome. Don’t miss your chance to hear first hand about these developments and participate in our moderated panel discussion.

Final Program

GMT+1ETGMT+8ExpertsTalk Title
12:50pm7:50am7:50pmOPENING REMARKS
1:00pm8:00am8:00pmProf. YoonJoo Choi
Chonnam National University,
South Korea
Protein deimmunization by T-cell epitope deletion
1:20pm8:20am8:20pmDr. Peng Li
Scientist in Cancer Immunology,
Immunogenicity Assessment During the Development of antibody therapeutics
1:40pm8:40am8:40pmEdmund Neo
Immunology Sales Manager,
Application of ProPresent® Antigen Presentation Assay to Characterize Immune Responses
2:00pm9:00am9:00pmDr. Jennifer Malcolm
University of Glasgow,
United Kingdom
C-terminal citrullinated peptide alters APC-CD4 T cell interactions leading to breach of immune tolerance
2:20pm9:20am9:20pmNarasimha Rao
Senior Scientist,
Dr.Reddy's Laboratories,
FDA recommendations on immunogenicity risk assessment of synthetic peptide drugs and their impurities
Dr. Jeremy Fry
Director of Sales,
United Kingdom
Experts Panel Discussion Session 1

Prof. YoonJoo Choi
Dr. Peng Li
Dr. Jennifer Malcolm
Narasimha Rao
3:00pm10:00am10:00pmNoor Zayanah Hamis
Research Assistant,
Role of skin-based T cell immunity in acute dengue infection
3:20pm10:20am10:20pmGeorgia Stavrakis
PhD Candidate,
Johns Hopkins,
Optimizing pre-conjugation of biotinylated MHC class I pentamers to streptavidin fluorophores for simultaneous analysis of different antigen-specific T cells
3:40pm10:40am10:40pmCharlotte Thompson
Immunology Sales Specialist,
United Kingdom
AnkyronsTM: The future of target-binding reagents beyond research antibodies
4:00pm11:00am11:00pmProf. Koen Venken
University of Ghent,
Understanding the role of T cells in combined gut and joint inflammation
4:20pm11:20am11:20pmDr. Joshua Blight
United Kingdom
Assessing AI designed vaccines in vivo
Dr. Jeremy Fry
Director of Sales,
United Kingdom
Experts Panel Discussion Session 2

Prof. Koen Venken
Dr. Joshua Blight
Noor Zayanah Hamis
Georgia Stavrakis
5:00pm12:00pm12:00am (+1)CLOSING REMARKS

Highlights from Previous Mastering Immunity Meetings are available online free of charge

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