How to Order

All customers, except those in Japan or China, can order directly from ProImmune as well as from any of our appointed distributors. Customers in Japan and China should order exclusively through the relevant distributor.

Online Ordering

Further details on how to order online

Fax / Post Orders

Please select and download the appropriate Order Form from the list below. Complete the order form as instructed in the included order form notes and send back to us at the relevant fax number or postal address provided.

Order Forms


EU – Euro zone (PDF)

USA & Canada (PDF)

All Other Countries (PDF) (excluding Japan & China)

Fax numbers:

USA/Canada: +1 775 206 4635

All other countries: +44 870 712 0588

Telephone orders (for existing customers only)

Please call us directly to submit your order details. You will need to provide all the information listed above; please have this information ready to allow us to process your order efficiently.

USA/Canada: Toll Free: +1 888 505 7765

All other countries: +44 870 042 7279

E-mail orders (for existing customers only)

Please e-mail your order details to You will need to provide the following information.


1. Customer details

a). ProImmune account number
b). Delivery details Enter the full address you require the order to be delivered to.
DO NOT USE Post Office Box numbers.
Please also supply a correct Postcode / ZIP code to ensure prompt delivery.
We also need a contact name, telephone number and e-mail in case of delivery problems.
c). Invoice details Please give the full address for the invoice to be posted to.
If you are paying by credit card this is where we will send the credit card receipt.
We also need a contact name, telephone number and e-mail address in case of invoicing problems.

2. Additional order details

a). Purchase order number Please supply an internal purchase order number if available.
b). Quote reference / discount code If you have one, please provide your relevant quote number or promotional discount code from ProImmune.

3. Product Information

a). Product code Enter the product code for the item you wish to purchase from the price list followed by the peptide code from the product list in the current product catalogue, or from the pages on the internet. If purchasing a custom product enter “CUS” for the peptide code.
b). Product description Enter the full product description (for example Pro5® Pentamer A*02:01 / SLYNTVATL).
c). Quantity Confirm the quantity of product. Enter the number of tests for orders of Pentamers or antibodies, mg quantities for lyophilized peptides.
d). Price In the price column enter either ProImmune list prices or prices given in a specific quotation/offer.
e). Delivery charge There will be one delivery charge per order. See price list for further details.

4. Payment options

a). Payment on an existing credit account Please give your credit account number.
b). Payment in advance Please indicate whether you wish to pay by one of the following:
Cheque – in this case your order will be processed as soon as the cheque has cleared into our account.
Bank transfer – we will send you a Pro Forma invoice detailing the exact amount and with details of our bank account. The products will be despatched as soon as the funds have cleared into our account.
Credit card – please telephone us with your credit card details or fax the details on the order form. DO NOT e-mail your credit card details.
c). Application for new credit account Please indicate if you wish to be considered for a 30-day credit account with ProImmune. We will send you a credit account application form.

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