Cellular Analysis Services

Rely on ProImmune’s experienced team to carry out your assays using optimized and validated protocols. Avoid the pitfalls of variability in cellular assays and benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of a dedicated facility.

Save yourself the cost and effort of setting up these time-consuming assays in your lab. Let our experienced team do the work for you, with high reproducibility and rapid turnaround. We have the capability to process tens to hundreds of samples in a project in a high throughput format, enabling you to free up your time for core work and project planning.

Our cellular analysis services are designed to help you accelerate your immune monitoring or epitope discovery projects. Services are based on a simple choice of standard assay format in order to maintain affordability.

Outsourcing assay work can sometimes be time-consuming, and it can be difficult to ensure that a supplier understands your requirements fully. For this reason we have developed a straightforward, step-wise approach that allows us to understand your requirements quickly and that sets out clearly what you can expect from us at each stage. The steps include assay design, cell preparation and shipping, tissue typing, the assays themselves, and the final reports you will receive. As a consequence you can maximize the amount of work outsourced, at minimum inconvenience to you.

Service Summary Advantages

HLA Tissue Typing

  • Two tiers of resolution
  • Class I alleles (A, B, C)
  • Class II alleles (DR, DP, DQ)
  • Results in 20 working days
  • Free up time for core work and project planning
  • Remove the cost and effort of setting up assays in your laboratory
  • Convenient, and affordable
  • Assays run to standardized and optimized protocols
  • Minimal assay variation
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Outsource to an experienced team
  • Order individually or as part of a more complete epitope discovery project

T cell ELISpot

  • Human IFN gamma, IL-2, Granzyme B
  • CD8+ and CD4+ T cell responses
  • For immune monitoring or epitope discovery/validation
  • Frozen PBMCs

B cell ELISpot

  • Antigen-specific or total IgG memory B cell responses
  • Measure total numbers of antigen-specific B cells
  • Frozen PBMCs

Intracellular Cytokine Staining

  • Human IFN gamma, IL-2, TNF alpha
  • Frozen PBMCs

Flow Cytometry Testing

  • Detection of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells
  • Test with Pro5® Pentamers or ProVE® Pentamer library
  • For immune monitoring or epitope discovery/validation
  • Frozen PBMCs

CFSE T Cell Proliferation

  • Sensitive flow cytometry assay using CFSE labeling of cells
  • For epitope mapping, using a single peptide or a peptide library

Cell Sample Preparation and Shipping

All cellular analysis services are carried out at ProImmune’s qualified facilities. ProImmune has substantial experience in the shipping of customer cell samples from anywhere in the world. We handle the shipping process seamlessly from your facility through our own pre-qualified, specialized sample shipping providers. Alternatively you can use your own shipper under our instruction.

For each project we will discuss any special requirements for sample handling with you in detail in advance. When shipping, we ensure that all required customs and export regulation information is on hand, and in the unlikely event of any delay in the package clearing customs, we and our shippers ensure that dry ice is topped up to maintain sample temperature.

Due to transit requirements, we currently only offer cellular analysis services for cryopreserved human samples. While cryopreservation reduces cell viability, we have extensively validated that by following best practise methods this loss can be reliably limited to only 15-20%. This means that by taking this controllable effect into account, an accurate and valid picture of the original sample can be formed.

On the other hand, the processing of cryopreserved samples allows for better standardization of sample preparation and testing. Cells can be cryopreserved shortly after they are collected and then shipped to ProImmune. The use of cryopreserved cells in the assays can help to ensure more reproducible results than the use of fresh samples, which are more susceptible to damage during the shipping process. We are able to supply you with tried and tested cryopreservation protocols, which preserve uniformly high viability of samples once they are thawed at our laboratories under optimal conditions.