ProImmune Videos
Mastering Immunity 2018

Dr. Marcus Butler
UHN Toronto

“Optimizing Adoptive T cell Therapies”

Dr. Marianne Stanford
VP Research, IMV

“De novo generation of tumor specific T cell responses utilizing a novel oncology driven delivery platform”

Dr. Emilee Knowlton

“Epitope identification and clinical immune monitoring in gene therapy and immune oncology program”

Dr. Priya Sriraman

“Measuring Host-vs-CAR-T Immune Responses”

Dr. Zuben Sauna

“Use of the MHC Associated Peptide Proteomic (MAPPs) assay to understand clinical outcomes associated with the use of Factor VIII in the treatment of Hemophilia A”

Dr. Shahla Abdollahi

“Mechanisms of Immune Modulation by the Gut Microbiome – Implications for Autoimmunity”

Dr. Amy Rosenberg

“So You Think You Have Mastered Immunity? Cautionary Tales from the Immunology Revolution”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“An Integrated Approach to Managing Immunogenicity Risk and Optimum Protein Design”

Dr. Jochem Gokemeijer
Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Immunogenicity Risk Assessment Tool Box for Biologics Drug Development”

Dr. Sophie Tourdot

“Non-clinical immunogenicity risk assessment of therapeutic proteins”

Dr. Andrea Ferrante

“In silico prediction of immunogenicity: filling the gaps”

Dr. Rodd Polsky

“Format and Interpretation of a Drug Tolerant Approach for Measuring Circulating Immune Complex and Free Anti-Drug Antibodies in Preclinical Studies”

Dr. Inderpal Singh
Teva Pharmaceuticals

“Immunogenicity risk assessment of process-related impurities”

Dr. Jad Maamary
Merck & Co.

“In Silico and In Vitro Tools to Investigate Increased Immunogenicity Incidence Observed in Combination Therapies”

Mastering Immunity Europe 2018

Dr. Lotta Jansson

“Apitopes to induce immune tolerance – mechanism and action”

Dr. Aileen Rowan
Imperial College, London

“Turnover and transformation of T cell clones in retroviral infection and leukaemia”

Prof. Paul Brenchley
University of Manchester

“Identifying T & B Cell autoantigen epitopes in Autoimmune Membranous Nephropathy”

Dr. Margot El-Khouri

“Epitope identification and clinical immune monitoring in immune oncology programs”

Dr. Yongliang Zhang
National University Singapore

“DUSP10 in inflammation and cancer”

Dr. Guy Hermans

“Using synthetic antibody libraries to overcome poor immunogenicity”

Dr. Katie Ewer
University of Oxford

“Potent cellular and humoral immunogenicity of a pre-erythrocytic viral vectored malaria vaccine in African infants and children”

Dr. Ilaria Esposito
University of Oxford

“Induction of specific CD4+ T cell helper responses following recombinant ChAd3/MVA vaccination against HCV”

Dr. Isabelle Turbica
Université Paris-Sud

“Impact of protein aggregates from biopharmaceuticals on dendritic cells”

Dr. Eleni Chantzoura

“Mammalian Display for TCR discovery & Phosphopeptide neoantigens as targets”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“An Integrated Approach to Managing Immunogenicity Risk and Optimum Protein Design”

Dr. Joleen White
EMD Serono

“Low Immunogenicity of Avelumab, An Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Demonstrating Antitumor Activity”

Dr. Richard Sainson

“Long-term in vivo anti-tumour efficacy of KY1044 (anti-ICOS) as monotherapy and in combination with anti-PD-L1”

Dr. Stephen Man
Cardiff University School of Medicine

“CD8+ T cell recognition of unusual and unnatural peptide epitopes”

Prof. Beatriz Carreno
University of Pennsylvania

“Personalized Cancer Vaccines”

Prof. Fiona Powrie
University of Oxford

“Host microbe interactions in the intestine: New therapeutic strategies in IBD”

Mastering Immunity 6 (2017)

Dr. Valerie Quarmby

“Host Cell Proteins and Immunogenicity”

Dr. Daron Forman
Bristol-Myers Squibb

“The use of immunogenicity risk assessment tools for lead optimization of biologics”

Dr. Erik Meyer

“Therapeutic Immunogenicity: Target Interference and Cut Point Evaluation”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“An integrated approach to managing immunogenicity risk and drug immune modulation”

Dr. Wojciech Jankowski

“Non-clinical Assessments of Immunogenicity”


Dr. Eric Zanelli
Déclion Holdings

“DP-C016, a phosphoTau vaccine for the treatment of tauopathies”

Dr. Nik Schwabe


“Epitope identification and clinical immune monitoring in immune oncology programmes”

Mr Govinda Sharma
British Columbia Cancer Agency

“Functional identification of CD8+ T cell epitopes by parallel interrogation of more than a million distinct peptide-coding sequences”

Dr. Scott McClain
Syngenta Crop Protection


“Bioinformatic screen and detection of immunologically relevant cross-reactive IgE-binding epitopes”

Mastering Immunity Europe 2017

Dr. Bernard Maillère
CEA, France

Specificity and phenotype of pre-existing T cells against therapeutic proteins”

Dr. Menna Clatworthy
University of Cambridge, UK

“Immune complexes modulate immune highways and DC trafficking”


Prof. Farzin Farzaneh
King’s College London, UK

“Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines”

Dr. Bartek Zuber
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Sweden

Immunogenicity assessment for Affibody-Fc fusion therapeutics

Dr. Tim Hickling
Pfizer, USA


Applying in vitro immunogenicity assays to predicts clinical immunogenicity

Dr. Sophie Sibéril
UPMC, Paris, France


Analysis of peripheral T cell compartments in high-grade Follicular Lymphoma patients treated with rituximab-based regimens”

Prof. Yu-Chan Chao
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Display of foreign surface antigens on baculovirus as pseudotyped viruses for immunological studies and applications”

Prof. Tim Elliott
University of Southampton, UK

“Applying mechanism based computational models to CTL epitope prediction”

Prof. Mark Exley
Agenus Inc., USA

“Phosphopeptide NeoAntigens for Tumor Immunity: Novel therapeutic options”

Prof. Christine Falk
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany
“Precision Medicine in Transplantation – immune monitoring for the discrimination of GVHD, rejection and CMV infection”

Prof. Miles Carroll
Public Health England, UK


“Understanding the immune response to EBOV during acute disease and in EVD survivors”

Mastering Immunity Europe 2016

Prof. Herman Waldmann
University of Oxford

“Short-term therapeutic intervention for the therapeutic harnessing of tolerance mechanisms”

Dr. Farnaz Fallah-Arani
UCB Pharma, UK

“Challenges to experimental design to test immunotherapeutic drugs to achieve clinically relevant results.”



Dr. Jeremy Fry
ProImmune Ltd., UK

“An integrated approach to managing immunogenicity risk and drug immune modulation.”

Dr. Bernd Schlereth
Covagen, Switzerland

“Special considerations in pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity assessment of bispecific antibody constructs”

Dr. Bernard Maillère
CEA, France

“Comprehensive analysis of pre-existing T cells specific to therapeutic proteins in healthy donors”

Prof. David Wraith
University of Bristol

“Antigen-specific tolerance induction: allergy, autoimmunity and anti-drug antibodies”

Dr. Peter Adler Wurtzen
ALK-Abelló, Denmark

“Immunological biomarkers in Allergy Immunotherapy”

Prof. Paul Moss
University of Birmingham

“Direct visualisation of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells: insights from HLA class II tetramers”

Prof. Ada Kruisbeek
DCPrime, The Netherlands

“Developing off-the-shelf dendritic cell based vaccines: pre-clinical and clinical observations”

Dr. Wei Xue
Roche Innovation Center Zurich, Switzerland

“Combination immunotherapy and vaccines in cancer”

Mastering Immunity 5 (2015)

Dr. Ethan Shevach

“Tregs -ready for the clinic”

Dr. Keith Knutson
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

“Vaccines for Prevention of Breast Cancer”

Prof. Jean Rommelaere
DKFZ, Germany

“Use of oncolytic parvoviruses in the treatment of malignant gliomas: a viro-immunotherapeutic approach”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“An integrated approach to managing immunogenicity risk and drug immune modulation”

Dr. Xiaoying Chen
Pfizer, Inc.

“A Systems Pharmacology Approach to Immunogenicity – A multi-scale, Mechanistic Mathematical Model and Its Applications”

Prof. Armagan Kocer
University of Groningen

“Ion channel decorated liposomes: therapeutic potential and immunogenicity”

Prof. David Wraith
University of Bristol

“Switching off immunity: the mechanism of antigen-specific immunotherapy”

Prof. Julio Delgado
University of Utah

“Assessment of TNF-alpha antagonists and Anti-Drug Antibodies in the Clinical Laboratory”

Dr. Gene Olinger

“Development of a monoclonal antibody cocktail for Ebola virus therapy: convergence of plants, mice, and humans”

Prof. Lawrence Steinman
Stanford University

“Vaccines, adjuvants, and autoimmunity”

Mastering Immunogenicity 4 (2014)

Prof. Herman Waldmann
University of Oxford

“Tolerance can be induced in the adult immune system”

Prof. Arlene Sharpe
Harvard University

“T Cell Coinhibitory Pathways and Cancer Immunotherapy: Roles of the PD-1 pathway in controlling tolerance and tumor immunity”


Dr. Timothy Hickling
Pfizer, Inc.

“Contribution of ex vivo assays to immunogenicity risk assessment”

Dr. Sabine Zollner
CSL Behring


“Preclinical characteristics of rVIII-SingleChain, a novel recombinant single-chain FVIII under clinical development at CSL Behring”

Dr. Nades Palaniya
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

“Targeting innate immune collectins and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) to regulate inflammatory diseases”

Dr. Joleen White
Biogen IDEC


“Evaluation of Peginterferon Beta-1a and Interferon Beta-1a Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Immunogenicity in Multiple Sclerosis”

Dr. Jeremy Fry


“Tools and Technologies for Immunogenicity Risk Management”

Dr. Bruce Hall
University of New South Wales

“Antigen specific CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg generated from natural Treg (nTreg)”

Dr. Amy Loercher


“ABIRISK Developments and Challenges: Perspectives from Year 2”

Dr. Susan Kirshner

“Therapeutic Proteins: Routes of Exposure and the risk of immunogenicity”

Mastering Immunogenicity 3 (2013)

Prof. David Wraith
University of Bristol

“Dealing with Unwanted Immunogenicity: The Design and Development of Tolerogenic T Cell Epitopes”

Dr. Florian Deisenhammer

“Drug Immunogenicity: Lessons Learnt from Interferon-beta”

Dr. Beth Chang

“XTEN in Blood Factor Engineering”

Dr. William Sanderson
University College London

“Phenotypic Structure of B Cell Subsets as a Tool for the Investigation for Immunogenicity”

Dr. Michael Cancro
University of Pennsylvania

“B Cell Selection and Survival: First Order Consideration for Immunogenicity”

Dr. Larry Kauver

“Antibody Repertoire Monitoring: Application to Anti-Drug Antibodies”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“Mastering Immunogenicity: Tools and Technologies”

Dr. Samuel Pine

“Immunologic Endpoints for Guiding Biologic Drug Development”

Dr. Caroline Barelle
University of Aberdeen

“Shark VNAR Domains: Immunogenicity Determination in the Early Stages of Development Aids Candidate Selection for “First-Man” Studies”

Dr. Federico Mingozzi
University Pierre et Marie Curie

“Assessing and Modulating Immune Responses to AVV Vectors in Humans”

Mastering Immunogenicity 2 (2012)

Dr. Manoj Rajadhyaksha

“Working towards building a “Value Added Proposition” for Immunogenicity Prediction and Risk Management”

Dr. Bonnie Rup

“Understanding the problem of unwanted immunogenicity risk in biotherapeutic discovery and development: advances, gaps, opportunities”

Dr. Jeremy Fry

“Tools and technologies for comprehensive immunogenicity risk management”

Dr. Nikolai Schwabe

“Mastering Immunity: ProStorm™ Cytokine Release Assay”

Dr. Bob DuBridge
Full Spectrum Genetics

“MapEng™ A Powerful, New Tool in the Engineering of Biobetter Therapeutics”

Best Practice Immunogenicity Risk Management (2012)

Dr. Tim Hickling


“Immunogenicity of biotherapeutics: Why do we care and where do we stand?”

Dr. Robin Thorpe
NIBSC Health Protection Agency

“CHMP Guidance on Unwanted Immunogencity: Best Practice Iummunogenicity Risk Management: Oxford 2012”


Dr. Katharina Steinitz
Baxter Innovations GmbH


“Identification of promiscuous FVIII-specific CD4+ T-cell epitopes in a humanized mouse model for hemophilia A”

Dr. Heather Hinton

“Pre-Clinical Risk Assesment Using Innovative Technologies”

Dr. David Ulaeto

“Therapeutic potential of a humanised antibody for the treatment of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus”