Mastering Immunogenicity

September 12-13, 2011

British Consulate-General, Boston MA, USA


Speakers and delegates from the following companies were represented at the event



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Key opinion leaders in the immunogenicity field came together for a two day summit to define successful strategies for managing immunogenicity risk. The aim was to share expert knowledge and to discuss the improvements needed for future developments in design and implementation of research programs.

Presentations by experts provided an overview of the tools currently used for immunogenicity assessment and highlighted critical needs for programs and how to address them. New and improved technologies for managing immunogenicity risk were discussed in detail. Evolving regulatory requirements were also examined, and how to plan, manage and use new and in-depth information about the immunogenic properties of biologics collected throughout their development and life-cycle.

On day two, one breakout session focused on the limitations of current technologies for immunogenicity risk management and improvements needed. The second panel discussed current immunogenicity regulatory guidance and how industry, academics and regulators can collaborate to share knowledge about current technologies for immunogenicity management.

The event provided an exclusive forum for discussion

The event provided an exclusive forum for education and discussion. Delegates were able to network with each other, share knowledge and forge relationships and future collaborations. On Monday evening we enjoyed a reception with food and drinks at Meadhall, a local venue renown for its vast selection of craft beers.

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