ProImmune Pro5® Pentamer Seminar

Hear from experts in the field discuss their latest approaches and research results with the use of Pro5® MHC Class I Pentamers from ProImmune


Thursday 4 February, 2021

1:00pm ET (GMT-5)

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Antigen specific CD8+ T cell populations can be rare and hard to track and separate, work that can be essential when monitoring immune responses. Our ProImmune Pro5® MHC Class I Pentamers are perfectly designed to tackle this challenge, giving sensitive, accurate and reliable results every time. Join us to hear from experts who have extensively used our Pentamers, helping them make ground-breaking advances in their respective fields.

Learn from academic experts as they highlight their discoveries in the context of monitoring immune responses. Share information with like-minded scientists from other organizations and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Discover fresh perspectives and novel ideas to combat the challenges in the rapidly changing field of immunology. Connect with people around the world with similar research interest for potential project collaboration.

Confirmed Speakers

Time (ET) NameTalk Title
1:10pm Dr. Natasa Strbo
University of Miami
Induction of SARS-CoV-2 protein S-specific CD8+ T cells in the lungs of gp96-Ig-S vaccinated mice
1:35pmDr. Emilee Knowlton
Pro5® Pentamers and ProT2® Tetramers for tracking antigen-specific T cells
2:00pmDr. Lea Bartsch
Massachusetts General Hospital
Identification and characterization of HBV-specific T cells

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Speakers from previous ProImmune Meetings

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TEVA Pharmaceuticals
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Synteka Bio
Prof. Antonio Bertoletti,
Duke NUS
Prof. Tao Dong,
University of Oxford
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Harvard University
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Massachusetts General Hospital
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Dr. Priya Sriraman, Celgene
Dr. Vibha Jawa,
Dr. Rodd Polsky,
Dr. David Wraith,
Dr. Aaron Mansfield,
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Tim Hickling,
Prof. Beatriz Carreno,
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Jochem Gokemeijer,
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr. Sophie Tourdot,

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