Mastering Immunity Europe 2021

Understand and manage immune responses in any setting

Thursday 25 March, 2021

9:00am GMT / 10:00am CET

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As targeted immune therapies grow in complexity, understanding and characterizing immune responses has never been more important. Join us at Mastering Immunity Europe 2021 to learn the latest developments in this evolving field. This meeting is a forum to share knowledge, perspectives and discuss solutions to the complex challenges of immunity following the delivery of biologics and other therapies.

Learn from academic and commercial experts as they highlight their discoveries in the context of both desired (in immuno-oncology and vaccines) and unwanted immune responses (i.e. immunogenicity to biotherapeutics or viral vectors). Share information with like-minded scientists from other organizations and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Discover fresh perspectives and novel ideas to combat the challenges in the rapidly changing field of immunology.

2021 Programme

Time GMTSpeakerTitle
09:10amDr. Amy Flaxman,
University of Oxford
Antibody responses to viral-vectored coronavirus vaccines
09:35amDr. Tom Henley,
Empyrean Therapeutics
COVID-19 and Potential Future Pandemics: Virus Induced Lymphocytes (VIL)
10:00amDr. Alethea Cope,
Developing Vaccines and Therapeutics for Emerging Infectious Diseases
11:00amProf. Daniel Olive
IBiSA Cancer Immunomonitoring Platform
Liquid Biopsy using K-Cytof demonstrates a role for Vg9Vd2 T cells as prognostic factor in breast cancer
11:25amMr. Edmund Neo,
Clinical Immune Monitoring in Gene Therapy, Immuno-Oncology and SARS-CoV-2 Programs
11:50amDr. Cynthia Kramer,
Leiden University
Generation and reactivity analysis of human recombinant monoclonal antibodies directed against epitopes on HLA-DR
13:30pmDr. Jeremy Fry,
An integrated approach to managing immunogenicity risk and drug immune modulation
13:55pmDr. Zuben Sauna,
Understanding and navigating the immune responses to CRISPR-associated nuclease Cas9
14:20pmDr. Geoff Hale,
Characterisation of novel antibodies which are completely silenced with respect to Fc
15:10pmDr. Derek Doherty,
Trinity College Dublin
CD1d-restricted T cells in patients with oesophageal cancer
15:35pmDr. Quirin Hammer,
Karolinska Institute
HLA-E-restricted peptides control natural killer cell responses
16:00pmMeeting Close

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Dr. Lea Bartsch,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Inderpal Singh,
TEVA Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Zuben Sauna,
Prof. Tao Dong,
University of Oxford
Prof. Arlene Sharpe,
Harvard University
Dr. Laurent Malherbe, Eli LillyDr. David Wraith,
Dr. Priya Sriraman, Celgene
Dr. Vibha Jawa,
Dr. Rodd Polsky,
Prof. Farzin Farzeneh,
Kings College London
Dr. Nina Le Bert
Duke NUS
Dr. Tim Hickling,
Prof. Beatriz Carreno,
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Jochem Gokemeijer,
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr. Sophie Tourdot,

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