Mastering Immunity 2023: Infectious Diseases Expert Symposium

get the latest research insights on molecular and cellular immune responses to infectious diseases presented by experts around the world

On-Line Event, Thursday, 23 February 2023

1:00pm (GMT) / 8:00am (ET) / 9:00pm (GMT+8)

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Following the ProImmune Global SARS-CoV-2 Expert Symposium which attracted more than 1000 scientists from around the world, we are delighted to announce the next meeting in this exceptional series.

With SARS-CoV-2 having understandably taken most of the research spotlight in recent years, many groups have now returned their focus back to their respective research fields to tackle some of these life-threatening infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, Dengue, Tuberculosis and many others. In this meeting our expert speakers present and discuss key new advancements in our understanding of the molecular and cellular immune response to these infectious diseases as well as novel therapeutic interventions for populations at risk. Don’t miss your chance to hear first hand about these developments and participate in our moderated panel discussion.

By participating in this half-day symposium, you will be inspired by renowned global experts presenting their respective expertise in their research field and discussing their latest insights and what they perceive to be the main challenges still to be overcome for some of these prevalent infectious diseases.

Final Program

GMTETGMT+8ExpertsTalk Title
1:00pm8:00am9:00pmDr. Hoyoung Lee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Institute for Basic Science,
South Korea
Mechanisms Underlying IL-15-induced Bystander Activation Of Memory CD8+ T Cells In Acute Viral Infection
1:20pm8:20am9:20pmProf. Toru Okamoto
Osaka University,
Development Of An Engineered ACE2 Decoy For The Treatment Of COVID-19
1:40pm8:40am9:40pmDr. Helen Wagstaffe
Research Associate,
Imperial College London,
United Kingdom
Kinetics And Phenotype Of T Cells Following SARS-CoV-2 Human Challenge Of Seronegative Adults
2:00pm9:00am10:00pmProf. Daniela Weiskopf
Research Assistant Professor,
La Jolla Institute for Immunology,
Immune Responses Induced By SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination
Prof. Eui-Cheol Shin
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
South Korea
Experts Panel Discussion Session 1

1. Prof. Toru Okamoto
2. Prof. Daniela Weiskopf
3. Dr. Hoyoung Lee
4. Dr. Helen Wagstaffe
2:50pm9:50am10:50pmNETWORKING BREAK
3:10pm10:10am11:10pmDr. Jeremy Fry
Director of Sales,
United Kingdom
AnkyronsTM: The future of target-binding reagents beyond antibodies
3:30pm10:30am11:30pmDr. Maike Hofmann
Principal Investigator,
University of Freiburg,
CD8+ T Cell Memory In Chronic Viral Hepatitis
3:50pm10:50am11:50amProf. Linda Wooldridge
Chair in Translational Immunology,
University of Bristol,
United Kingdom
The Immune Response Against SARS-CoV-2 In Infants and Immunocompromised Patients
4:10pm11:10pm12:10am (+1)Dr. Akshay Binayke
PhD Scholar,
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,
Proinflammatory Innate Cytokines and Distinct Metabolomic Signatures Shape The T cell Response In Active COVID-19
4:30pm11:30pm12:30am (+1)Moderator
Dr. Jeremy Fry
Director of Sales,
United Kingdom
Experts Panel Discussion Session 2

1. Prof. Linda Wooldridge
2. Dr. Maike Hofmann
3. Dr. Akshay Binayke
5:00pm12:00pm1:00am (+1)CLOSING

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