ProspectorTM Custom Peptide Libraries

Synthetic custom peptides offer a rational, scaleable and ever more affordable approach for exploring protein-protein interactions or even more complex phenomena such as immune responses directed against specific epitopes. As the use of such peptides increases it becomes ever more important to consider all relevant factors when designing large peptide libraries for synthesis. Our applications scientists have the experience to help you get the peptide design right for your project. Our approach is to offer you flexible, scaleable synthesis wherever you are.

ProspectorTM Peptide Libraries with High Average Purity

ProspectorTM Peptide Libraries deliver highly attractive prices and exacting 100% LC-MS quality control. Though these libraries are not purified, they are synthesized using the same reliable synthesis platform as our purified products and the resulting peptides have high average purity. For example, for Prospector PEPscreen®, the average purity of 10mers is ~86%, the average purity of 15mers is ~73% and the average purity of 20mers is ~61%. The features of Prospector™ Libraries make them an ideal product for epitope discovery applications, giving you the comfort of comprehensive QC so you know absolutely what you are working with.

Unlike other commercial peptide libraries available, there are no hidden set-up charges. A single price is charged per peptide, and the order size starts at only 24 peptides. Prospector PEPscreen®: Custom Peptide Libraries accommodate peptides from 6-20 amino acids.

ProspectorTM libraries are perfect for researchers using large numbers of peptides in applications such as CD4+ and CD8+ T cell epitope mapping, B cell epitope mapping, ELISPOT, intracellular cytokine staining, protein-protein interactions, receptor-ligand studies and cellular assays.

Code Description Purity Quantity QC Estimated
P0L Prospector PEPscreen® Crude 0.5-2 mg 100% MS or
100% LC-MS
2-3 weeks <500

Quality Control

The power of high throughput MS analysis

For the Prospector PEPscreen® product, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry (MS) is performed on 100% of samples.  Each peptide must meet both the MS analysis and the final gross weight criteria to pass quality control (QC).  For a peptide to pass the MS criterion the desired molecular mass must be one of the three major ions.  Peptides that fail QC by MS will be remade once.  Subsequent failed peptides are supplied as part of the order, and are labeled accordingly in the paperwork, allowing the user to decide whether or not to include the peptide in their studies.

We also offer the option of including LC-MS analysis for PEPscreen® peptides.

Product Format

Prospector PEPscreen® Custom Peptide Libraries

The peptides are dried as a thin film at the bottom of individual tubes. This is to prevent the peptide from smearing throughout the inside of the tube during transit, which can make resuspension in small volumes difficult. Tubes are individually capped and arranged in a standard 8 x 12 tube array for compatibility with high throughput assays. This format also allows the flexibility to select only the tubes of peptides of interest and rearrange them into a convenient assay format. Each tube is clearly labeled in case the tubes are accidentally mixed.
Minimum order size 24 peptides.

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