MutaMap™ Mutational Activity Map

ProStorm® Cytokine Release Assay

ProT2® MHC Class II Tetramers: Detecting Antigen-specific CD4+ T cells

ProScern®: DC-T Cell Proliferation Assay

ProMap®: Naïve T Cell Proliferation Assay

ProSentium™: The T cell Immuno-Epiproteome at your fingertips

ProImmune REVEAL and ProVE®

Dr Jeremy Fry provides a summary of ProImmune’s REVEAL and ProVE® service, the rapid epitope discovery system.

Pro5® MHC Pentamers

Dr Andrew Waller provides an overview of the Pro5 Pentamer technology and the benefits of using MHC pentamers to detect specific CD8 T Cell populations in your research.

ProArray Ultra®

Dr Heather Hensler introduces ProArray Ultra®, the high-throughput peptide and protein microarray assay service.

HLA Tissue Typing

Dr Briana Betz explains the importance of understanding the HLA types of your study cohort, and how ProImmune can help you.

ProPresent® – ProImmune’s Antigen Presentation Assay

Dr Nikolai Schwabe introduces the ProPresent antigen presentation assay and some of its applications in the field of immunogenicity.

The Finance of Immunogenicity

Managing immunogenicity risk should be a core focus in drug development. ProImmune’s CEO Nik Schwabe explains why.